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  • C3 Recruiting allows student athletes and parents to identify and narrow down the “Division I, II, III, NAIA, and NJCA Tier” schools and select those schools that best profile the needs and skill level of that student athlete.
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The Process

Enter Your Information

Give us a little information about yourself to get you started down your best recruitment path.

Select Your Plan

Choose one of our three recruiting tools to best suit your needs.

Contact Coaches

Use our exclusive list of college coaching contacts to get your name out there and move your career to the next level.

C3 Example Report

Example Report

Our Coaching Contact Report is updated weekly and gives you unmatched access to coaches nationwide. You will not find a more comprehensive list of contacts in one area anywhere else. Check our recruiting options below to find the best level of service we can provide you.

Click Report for a full page view.

Recruiting Tools

Choose the package that best fits your needs. If you are just starting your search to play college volleyball we suggest the Counseling and Coacing option to assess your playing ability and for guidance through the recruitment process. If you have more experience and understand recruiting then the coaching contact list may be for you.

Coaches Contacts


  • 24 hours unlimited access to our coaches contact list.

  • Available support and assistance as needed.

Contacts + Counseling


  • 24 hours unlimited access to our coaches contact list with support.

  • 1 hour of counseling advice on how to improve your recruiting options.

Contacts + Counseling + Coaching


  • Coaches Report + 1 hr. Counseling + Coaches Assessment

  • 24 hour access to coaches contact list, 1 hr session with a C3 counselor, and a written assessment from a college coach on the player provided video piece (1 to 3 min.)

Why choose C3?


Our experienced coaches know and understand the recruiting process and can help you make the smart decision to connect with coaches at you desired school and playing ability.


We update our coaching contact list weekly to provide recruits the best change to play at the next level.


We have calendars and guidelines to help you understand the recruitment process so you never miss a deadline or any paperwork required to play in college.


Your time is important- If you buy our counseling or coaching package you will be directed to schools that meet your ability, helping you find the perfect match for the next step in your career faster.